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Willow Brook Christian Village

Assisted Living

Assisted Living at Willow Brook Christian Village in Delaware, Ohio.

When someone you love needs more support than is available at home, assisted living at Willow Brook might be the perfect solution.

The Centrum assisted living center of Willow Brook Christian Village has received perfect or near-perfect nursing scores from Ohio Department of Health inspectors year after year. And The Centrum assisted living center ranks among the top in Ohio for resident and family satisfaction in Ohio Department of Aging surveys.

Loving Care

While in our assisted living community, you know the person you love will receive compassionate, high-quality care. Residents enjoy a robust schedule of social engagements and plentiful opportunities to interact with friends and family. Chaplains are available at every community. 

Assisted living at The Village Centrum in Ohio offers many amenities, including gracious surroundings and opportunities for fitness, social activities and outings around Ohio.

Select your meals from the menu, which is prepared by award-winning chefs. Before long you’ll find that our culinary team will know your taste and bring you your favorite breakfast without being told.

Ease of Living

Willow Brook’s all-inclusive pricing in assisted living means that we won’t nickel and dime you. Our nurses are here 24/7 to administer medications so you don’t have to remember on your own. If you need help with bathing, dressing, or mealtime reminders, we cheerfully lend a hand. 

We love making our residents and families happy. Here’s what one family member told us: “We often ask Dad if he is still happy here. He has always replied, “I never knew a place like this existed. I would never want to be anywhere else. How did you find this place for me?'” Read the full testimonial here.

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Willow Brook is currently certified by ODA to provide the A.L. Medicaid Waiver. However, we are not currently accepting invidivuals who are enrolling in the assisted living program.