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Village Long Term Care

Long-Term Care

Long-term care in the home-like skilled nursing center of Willow Brook Christian Village in Delaware, Ohio.

100 Willow Brook Way South, Delaware, Ohio 43015
Phone: 740-369-0048

Making the decision to move a loved one to long-term care isn’t an easy one. You want a nurturing, loving environment, one that doesn’t feel cold, sterile, or institutional. That’s where the Cherith Long-Term Care Center at Willow Brook differs from most other skilled nursing centers. Our hallways and resident rooms are carpeted, giving the feeling of warmth, while muffling the jarring sounds that bare floors accentuate. The hallways have numerous conversation areas where friends and family can relax with ease, and the décor is gracious and appealing.

Cherith Long-Term Care Center is for your loved ones who can no longer take care of themselves. You want to know that the person you love is still being loved, is happy, has a good life, and is being cared for the way you would do it yourself if you could.

Give The Village a “sniff test.” It smells good. The food is fantastic, and your loved one is surrounded by people who care about her (or his) happiness and well-being.

That is no accident. There truly is a “Willow Brook Way,” and that’s what we call it. We watch for people who “have it” in our hiring practices, we teach it in orientations, and we reinforce it in evaluations.

The Willow Brook Way culture is behind every perfect nursing score, every satisfaction survey, and every accolade given by our regulators and our peers. It is real, and we are proud of it.

For more information about skilled nursing or to arrange a visit of the Cherith Long-Term Care Center at Willow Brook Christian Village, please call 740-369-0048 or Contact us


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