Willow Brook Christian Home

Willow Brook Christian Home

Rehabilitation, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing care at Willow Brook Christian Home in north Columbus/Lewis Center, Ohio

55 Lazelle Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43235
Phone: 614-885-3300


Willow Brook Christian Home, off Lazelle Road in Columbus north of Worthington, was Willow Brook’s first campus. Originally a little 25-bed nursing home, “The Home” has grown many times and has expanded in services and expertise over the years.

Rehabilitation therapists in our sunny therapy department help people recovering from joint or heart surgery to regain their strength and mobility and return to their homes.

The long-term care for our oldest neighbors is still a big part of what we do. The assisted living floor offers individuals and couples the comfort of home without the need to cook, clean, or remember when to take which medicines.

The setting is lovely, with warm lighting and areas for conversation and activities throughout. Restaurant-style dining from menus prepared by award-winning chefs is the rule of the day.

To speak with a Willow Brook Christian Home senior living specialist or to arrange a visit, please call 614-885-3300 or Contact us


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