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Independent Living

Independent Living

Independent retirement living at a Willow Brook Christian community.

You know what you want out of life. Maybe you want to spend your time traveling, learning or "playing"  rather than cutting grass or repainting the kitchen. And you want the freedom to come and go as you please.

Willow Brook offers many lifestyle choices and maintains a long-standing reputation for financial stability. You know your investment will be a sound one.

Location, location, location . . . which independent living community will you choose?

Willow Brook offers a breadth of amenities such as fitness centers, libraries, hair salons, art and hobby studios, social activities, and outings. You can do as much, or as little, as you want.

Transportation can be a big deal for some, and Willow Brook has a cute little shuttle bus. You can schedule it to take you anywhere in Delaware at no charge - to doctor appointments, an off-campus restaurant, a grocery store, or the other Willow Brook campus.

You have the option to cook and eat in your own home or enjoy delicious cuisine prepared by professional chefs in our dining rooms. It’s always your choice.

You have your choice of one, two or three-bedroom homes and apartments on two campuses: Willow Brook Christian Village or Willow Brook at Delaware Run, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable Willow Brook living can be.

Entry fees at Willow Brook Christian Village range from $26,000 to $218,000 and monthly fees from $580 to $1,881, depending on the size and location of the home and the options in it.

Entry fees at Delaware Run range from $83,700 to $323,600 and monthly fees from $1,245 to $2,284, depending on the size and location of the home and the options in it.

Monthly fees include maintenance, property taxes, telephone service anywhere in North America, standard cable TV, apartment utilities, and twin-single building insurance. They also cover landscaping, lawn care, snow removal, 24-hour emergency call and priority entrance into Willow Brook healthcare centers.

Each community is filled with vibrant, active adults just like you or your loved ones . . . people who are interesting and interested, and are enjoying their lives.

For more information or to schedule a tour of a Willow Brook Christian Community, please call at 740-201-5640 or Contact us

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