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Transitional Living in Willow Brook at Delaware Run

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Mom has been in a funk since Dad died, and her memory is getting iffy. I don’t think she remembers to take her medicine, and she often forgets to go to activities that really give her pleasure. I’m afraid she is missing out on life.

Dad needs to get out and do stuff, but mom needs help during the day. How can we find a living option that will make both of them happy?

Sometimes a person may need reminders about activities and events or even meals but really does not need 24-hour-a-day attention.

Transitional living offers the best of independent living – freedom to come and go, a lovely and spacious apartment, an exquisite dining experience – and couples that with support, assistance, meal or medication reminders, or whatever is needed, close at hand for 12 hours of every day.

For more information about transitional living options or to arrange a visit of Willow Brook at Delaware Run, please call 740-201-5640 or Contact us.


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