Delaware Run Memory Care

Memory Care

Memory Care in Willow Brook at Delaware Run in Delaware, Ohio.

100 Delaware Crossing West, Delaware, Ohio 43015
Phone: 740-201-5640


Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders require a special care environment, one that engages the individual, promotes dignity and wellness, and reduces stressors.

Willow Brook’s memory care centers are designed for people who tend to wander and need a more secure environment. They are designed to accommodate the pacing and high energy levels often associated with dementia.

Specially trained caregivers ensure that your loved one is safe, secure, and content. They learn her unique likes and dislikes, discover activities that draw her out, and in the process they give you your own peace of mind.

Willow Brook memory care is provided under a single, all-inclusive rate that includes:

  • Large, carpeted private room with a private bath
  • Flexibility in meal and snack choices, times, and preferences
  • Linens, housekeeping, and laundry services
  • 24-hour nursing, including medication administration
  • Personal care assistance
  • Individualized care and activity plans to maximize interest and engagement
  • Stock, non-prescription medications such as aspirin or milk of magnesia
  • Frequent outings

Physician services, therapy, medical supplies, medicine, clothing, barber/beautician services, dry cleaning, and special transportation are not included in the monthly fee.

For more information about memory care or to arrange a visit of Willow Brook at Delaware Run, please call 740-201-5640 or Contact us


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