Willow Brook at Delaware Run

Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Willow Brook at Delaware Run in Delaware, Ohio.

100 Delaware Crossing W., Delaware, Ohio 43015
Phone: 740-201-5640

When someone you love needs more care and support than you can give at home, assisted living might be the perfect solution. And look no further than Willow Brook at Delaware Run in Delaware, Ohio.

We are among the best assisted living facilities in Ohio. Based on resident satisfaction surveys, the Ohio Department of Aging ranked Delaware Run's assisted living community:

  • #1 in Delaware County
  • In top 3 percent of all assisted living facilities in Ohio (out of 687 facilities)

Play the video above to see our lovely assisted living community at Willow Brook at Delaware Run.

Loving Care

At Willow Brook, the person you love will receive compassionate and high-quality care.  The Ohio Department of Health inspectors have awarded us perfect nursing scores every year since we opened in 2009. Nursing care is available 24/7.

Our assisted living residents enjoy a robust schedule of social activities, outings and great food. We help with all personal services, too, like housekeeping, bathing, dressing and medication management. Our prices is all-inclusive.

As part of our Christian heritage, our chaplains are available to make personal visits and to lead Bible studies and church services.

New Wing with Medical Offices

Come visit our new wing! We recently expanded our assisted living facility at Delaware Run, adding private rooms, suites, a doctor’s office and an outpatient therapy practice offering physical, speech and occupational therapy. The medical offices are open to the general public, as well. Come check out these valuable services. 

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