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Transitional Living:  One-of-a-kind level of care 

By guest blogger John Regalsky, Executive Director, Willow Brook at Delaware Run 

In 2014, Willow Brook at Delaware Run literally ripped off the roof of our one-story assisted living wing and expanded upward, adding a second level of assisted living rooms and creating nine transitional living apartments on the third floor. I often describe transitional living as a “pit-stop” between independent and assisted living. It’s a level of care for those folks who do well living independently, yet need some minimal assistance. I’m sure that somewhere there are retirement communities that offer something comparable, but here in Delaware, there’s really nothing like it, and prospective residents and families are consistently intrigued by this level of care.

Raising the roof at Delaware Run to add a second and third floor.

So what exactly IS transitional living? I’ve put together this short Q&A to help explain this level of care, and it it might be a good fit for you or a loved one. 

How is transitional living set up?

Transitional living can be the best of both worlds. It’s where you have the real estate, services, and amenities of an independent living apartment, as well as access to an on-duty aide from 7am-7pm, seven days a week. This aide can assist you with household chores, make the bed, prepare meals, pick up the mail, etc. Transitional living residents are expected to manage on their own during the hours of 7pm-7am, though staff are on duty 24/7 in our healthcare wings in the event of an emergency. 

Is transitional living a good choice if I need a lot of one-on-one help?

Probably not. If activities of daily living (ADLs) have become more difficult for you (bathing, managing medicine, toileting, getting dressed, showering, ambulation, and transferring), assisted living would likely be a better fit. Similarly, if you are experiencing persistent memory or cognition concerns, a secured memory care or assisted living placement with more hands-on, person-to-person care might better address these needs. 

Transitional living residents have access to our companion services as well as aides during the day. 

My spouse needs some assistance, but I don’t. Will transitional living work for both of us? 

If you are a caregiver for a spouse or loved one, transitional living can be a breath of fresh air for your household. The transitional living atmosphere allows you the freedom to be active while providing extra support for your loved one when it is needed. You do not have to live separately, and both individuals are able to have their differing needs met. 

What kind of entrance deposit can I expect? 

One of the most appealing aspects of transitional living is that the entrance deposit is significantly less than that for an independent residence. This allows you to move into Willow Brook now and sell your house or condo at a later date, or to move in gradually, over a period of weeks or months.

In transitional living aides can assist with daily activities like making your bed.

Will I need to have a health assessment by Willow Brook?

In order to serve you and/or your loved one best, we will have our licensed wellness nurse connect with you in person to assess your current care needs. Be honest about any daily struggles and what help would be beneficial to your quality of life. The wellness nurse will also be able to suggest other levels of care in the event that transitional living is not the best fit.

I’m on the fence. Can I do a trial period?

Yes! Willow Brook can host you for a respite stay for a period of days or weeks so that you can get a feel for life here – the care, staff, friends, food – all of it! A respite stay also allows our nursing team to create and fine-tune a personalized care plan that will help you thrive.

In summary:

Transitional living has been a blessing for so many of our residents. Moving is always an adjustment, no matter your age – but having a place where you can have a gentler shift to a new way of living is extremely beneficial. So, when the time comes for you or a loved one to consider a senior living community, be sure to ask about transitional living. It may be just what you have been looking for!

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