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By guest blogger Troy McKnight, CEO

A month or so ago, Willow Brook debuted its first team t-shirt. The shirts were designed in-house and ordered through a local company. They were made available, free of charge, to all teammates (that’s our word for ‘employees’) who wanted one. The response has been out of this world! 

I was an early advocate for these shirts because they are a visual reminder of the fact that, while we may serve three campuses, we are one team united in mission – hence the #TeamWillowBrook emblazoned on the team shirt. Teammates can wear their shirts to work on Fridays (or on a weekend day if they work weekends) as well as to events or around town. In a world filled with division, this t-shirt is one small thing we can do to bring people together and to promote the sense of ownership that comes from working for a ministry like Willow Brook. 

In so many instances, Willow Brook’s reputation precedes itself. It has been a well-known and well-loved entity for decades. The goal, though, is to build on that excellence and grow it. To do that, we need to move forward together, which is why my motto for 2023 is Forward Together. We made sure to put #ForwardTogether on the shirt, too! Willow Brook is a growing, living thing, and we should not be content to rest on our laurels. We must reinvent, renew, and reinvigorate our “why”.

Our teammates are the ones who carry out our “why” every day. On each of our campuses, I find joy in showcasing the work they do and lifting them up as the heart and soul of our day-to-day work. May these smiling faces, decked out in their team shirts, bring you a smidgen of sunshine today. Forward Together, Team Willow Brook

#TeamWillowBrook #ForwardTogether

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One thought on “#TeamWillowBrook #Forward Together”

  1. Great idea, Troy! Thanks for sharing that on the blog. I am Carol Kuhns, Pastoral Assistant at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Delaware. I’ll introduce myself to you when I see you at Christian Village or Delaware Run campus.

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